Japan Europe Sales & Consulting
Europe Office
Schimmelmannstrasse 90
22926 Ahrensburg   
Tel. +49 8093 606-9801
Japan Office
Cross Border Technologies Inc.
1-41-408  Nagasaka. Tsuzuki-Ku,
224-0063 Yokohama-City Japan
Tel. +81 45 507-3922





Important ! From 1.4.2011 we will have a new organization form. Our new name will be
Cross Border Technologies GmbH

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Cross Border Technologies GmbH will take over all customers, contracts and business agreements etc.






JESC is representing Japanese companies in the European market

JESC is representing European companies in the Japanese market 

JESC is offering business development, sales, licensing and consultancy services between Japan and Europe for high-tech products, technologies and IP

JESC possesses a strong network in the Japanese and European industries (up to C-Level)

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